30000 P

Nominal Diameter DN 25 – DN 200 / 1″ – 10″
Orifice 1 D 2 – 10 U 12
Actual Orifice Diameter 10 mm – 180 mm / 0,393 in – 7.086 in
Actual Orifice Area Ao. 0.785 cm² – 254.4 cm² / 0.121 in² – 39.43 in²
Pressure 2 bar – 413 bar / 29 psig – 6,000 psig
Temperature: -46 °C a +250 °C / -50.8 °F a +482 °F
Body Material* SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF8M, SA 217 WC6, SA 352 LCB,
SA 351 CF3M, SA 995 Gr 4A (duplex), SA 995 Gr 5A (super duplex),
SA 494 M35-1 (Monel), SA 494 CW-12MW (Hastelloy), SA 494 CW-6MC (Inconel)
Valve Connection Flange in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or DIN EN 1092
Type Pilot Operated ( ON-OFF or Proportional)
Field Test Connections AISI 316L
Manual Opening Device Stainless Steel
Soft Seat* AISI 316L
Remote Pressure Sensing Carbon steel and Stainless Steel
Additional Filter AISI 316L
Test Gag AISI 316
(on pilot)
Lifting Lever* AISI 316L
(on pilot)



Pilot Operated Safety Valve 30000P Series

Pilot Operated Safety Valves 30000P Series by Technical are designed in compliance with EN 12516-1 and ASME B 16.34 standards and, as they derive from 30000 Series High Efficiency Pilot Operated Safety Valves are the pilot version of series 30000 and, as a consequence, valves according to API standard 526 for orifices and center-to-face dimensions are compliant with API 526 standards. Available orifices range from D up to U with connections from 1” x 2” up to 10” x 12” and rating from 150# x 150# up to 2500# x 600# according to ASME B 16.5 standard.

Connections according to different standards are available upon request

Their main feature is the adjustable blowdown from 2% to 7% of set P and the pilot that can be “pop action or modulate type.TECHNICAL, that has been manufacturing these valves for more than a decade, has recently revised its project in order to respond in a more competitive way to the growing number of requests for this type of valve. The drive to exploit to the limit the systems has increased the demand for this type of valve and it is the reason why the company has decided to up-date the entire series.

The available models currently include, as standard accessories, the back flow preventer, the filter, the lifting lever, the field test connection and the soft seat. The pilot operated safety valves are used mainly in the Oil & Gas industry and share with the spring loaded series the range of available materials.

The available certifications are: PED, EAC (ex GOST-R, GGTN-K).