is a manufacturing company located in Vignate (Italy), Milan area, specialized in safety valves production.

Since 1973 Technical products are used to protect plants of different kind of industries, especially in  the Oil & Gas industry for both off-shore and in-shore installations. Over the years the Company has developed different series of products to give the best response, in terms of safety, to the characteristics of different plants. Safety valves production has been integrated with several different instrumentations: liquid discharge  valves and pneumatic automatisms. The Company strengths are the availability to respond to requests for customized 

customization in terms of design and performance, the competence and experience of its staff, the quality of its organization and products and, above all, the commitment to obtaining customers’ maximum satisfaction. TECHNICAL safety valves are certified in compliance with European Regulation PED (Pressure Equipment Directive – marking  CE) and American ASME (marking UV-Stamp). This website provides an overview of our  Company production in order to help visitors to find out whether TECHNICAL is able to provide a solution to their project requirements.

Technical and Technology
Technical has technology and technology in itself, to offer you products with high quality and at the same time quality. Our multi-year experience and qualified staff make us able to meet your personalized requirements. By contacting us we will be happy to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.