Nominal Diameter DN 15 – DN 25 / 1/2″ – 1″
Orifice c – d – e
Actual Orifice Diameter 8 mm – 12 mm / 5/16″ – 121/256″
Actual Orifice Area Ao. 0.502 cm² – 1.131 cm² / 0.078 in² – 0.175 in²
Pressure 0,3 bar – 1500 bar / 4.35 psig – 21,755 psig
Temperature: -196 °C a +350 °C / -320.8 °F a +662 °F
Body Material* SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF8M, SA 351 CF3M,
SA 995 Gr 4A (duplex), SA 995 Gr 5A (super duplex),
SA 494 M35-1 (Monel), SA 494 CW-12MW (Hastelloy), SA 494 CW-6MC (Inconel)
Valve Connection Flange in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or DIN EN 1092
Type Conventional to Spring, conventional to spring with blowdown screw adjustable
Test gag AISI 316
Lifting Lever* SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF3M
Soft Seat* AISI 316L
Balancing piston Stainless Steel



Available with threaded connections, GAS and NPT and flanged in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or EN standard is available with the following sizes: ½ “, ¾” and 1 “x 1” and set pressure up to 1500 bar. There are three orifices available to cover the different needs of pressure and capacity.

The body can be supplied in carbon steel or stainless steel, while the trim of the valve is always made  in stainless steel. In case of aggressive fluids and / or application, the valves can be manufactured in special steel: duplex, super duplex, monel etc. The fields of applications are many: cryogenic industry, industrial gases, protection of accumulators, compressors and high-pressure pumps. Are also the classic valves used for protection from thermal expansion, in the Oil & Gas industry. The accessories available are the following: locking screw, lifting lever, soft seat, balancing piston, adjustable blowdown for use with fluids in a gaseous state. The available certifications are: PED, EAC , ASME UV-Stamp (only for gas).